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Making it Work

The first thing to understand is the difference between training your own individual staff in an intricate system and outsourcing to a contact centre.

Your staff will have in-depth knowledge of your operations. To effectively outsource work your processes need to be clear and easy to follow. For efficiency your system needs to be quick loading and easy to log into, it should navigate well and, ideally, our agents will have a view limited to the information that they need to handle the work in hand.

Primarily we look for ways to add value and productivity to your service and for this a streamlined approach will keep your costs down.

Call handling and instructions for your service will be set up on our Customer Management Application (CMA), which integrates to our phone servers and messaging systems and provides links into your systems or website to perform the work required.

Higher call volumes are generally needed to reinforce training for more complex services. Where this is impractical, it may be better to concentrate training and service delivery to particular agents to handle your service; there are ways and means and we consult with clients on a case by case basis to achieve desired results.