Virtual receptionists for doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other allied health professionals.
Allied Health and Medical Virtual Receptionists

Practice Support
New & Existing Customers

Allied Health

Managing Appointments

Allied Health practitioners have a few options to manage their availability. Finding the right reception mix for each practice is essential for success.

Virtual receptionists provide immediate cover when staff take leave, or it is busy in your office reception.

Personal touch
A receptionist on site can answer calls, greet customers, and do some administration.

Managing change
Hassles to cover leave and busy times.

Overheads & costs
Much higher labour and management costs.

Virtual receptionists cost less than hiring staff to answer calls
There are call answering options to research and weigh up.

Answering machine?
Cheap but impersonal.
Many will not use it.
Will you lose sales?

Online bookings?
Lower cost and effort for repeat bookings.

Take calls in session?
More pressure. May look unprofessional.

What are your alternatives for answering calls?
Our trained virtual receptionists can make and reschedule appointments.

Customer service!
We answer questions, book appointments, and answer multiple calls at once.

Flexible support
We can help with cancellations, wait lists, and rescheduling appointments, too.

Cost effective
24x7 or as convenient.

Discover the advantages of virtual reception. Our virtual receptionists answer calls, provide customer service, and can help with cancellations and wait lists.

Happily, having a WebAssist Service with us offers affordable, seamless services for practices of all types and sizes.

Cost Savings

A message service that does not enter bookings results in double handling and delayed confirmation of updates to your customers.

The extra time our virtual receptionists take to evaluate a service request, check if an area or issue is supported, and confirm an appointment, is faster and more efficient than paying staff to re-enter and complete the task. We can answer telephone calls and make bookings whenever convenient or 24x7.

Your Virtual Reception

Training, workflows, and contact centre services are structured to support service accuracy and patient confidentiality.

Diary management is easy to outsource to our virtual receptionists.

New and existing customers

Same day bookings

Breaks and sessions


Virtual receptionists can make appointments in your diary online.
Virtual receptionists can provide details about location, hours, practitioners, and costs

Locations & Hours

Specialties & Practitioners

Costs & HICAPS

General enquiries about your health practice can be handled by your virtual receptionist.
Our virtual receptionists answer enquiries from new and existing patients.

New patients




Our virtual receptionists can handle cancellations, rescheduling, and reminders. Procedures for new patients can be different.

Medical Services

These Australian call centre services may involve filtering for urgency criteria and managing contact to responders.

We provide virtual booking services for visiting home doctor visiting services.

After Hours Medical Home Visiting Services

Manage Rosters on-call between GP clinics

Filter for patients, urgency, facilities or time frames supported

After hours doctor home visiting service virtual reception.
We have systems to manage complex medical home visiting services with privacy compliance in Australia.

Home visiting services managed at scale over multiple areas

App with multiple levels of role based user access available for the services

Australia, trained agents

Bookings for after-hour medical home visits can be made in our BookingPRO application or your diary system.
Our virtual receptionists support specialists on-call, EAP referrals and corporate medical services.

Emergency surgery
escalation support

Healthcare & EAP
Issue Management
Systems monitoring

Custom and corporate

We provide a range of virtual answering services for medical practitioners and on-call specialists.

WebAssist Services   |   Escalation Support   |   Corporate Services

Psychologists and Counsellors



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