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A telephone answering service has become essential for most businesses. Customer expectations of 24x7 service, the constant pressure to reduce staffing and overhead costs, and the need for agile communications as teams work remotely all point this way.

Your Australian Call Centre

Not only can our contact centre services meet this brief, but they can also be an important extension of your business. Our trained virtual receptionists can answer all your calls 24x7 or whenever it is convenient to divert your lines to us. Every call is logged, and messages are sent automatically and are accessible online.

Outsourcing your phone answering to us helps your business present a consistent, professional image to the world, and gives staff more control over who they will contact, and when, so that they can focus on their core work.

With generous included support, you can also get valuable advice about service options from our Client Services team as your business grows.

What’s in the box?

The basic scope of our Virtual Reception service includes:

  • Answering calls, taking messages, filtering calls by type or urgency.
  • Personalised scripts and procedures for different kinds of enquiries.
  • Fielding frequently asked questions.
  • Warm call transfers or messaging to individuals, teams, or branches.
  • Flexible contact via SMS, email, or pager.
  • Normal support for changes and liaison with Client Services.

Common uses of this service include:

  • Sales enquiry capture.
  • Business hours overflow from your mainline, Business Continuity Plan cover or 24x7 reception services.
  • After hours enquiries.
  • Scaling up to manage campaigns, seasonal peaks, and growth.

1300 and 1800 numbers

Portable national numbers are virtual numbers that can be pointed to an answering point in Australia. Client Services can provide a national number for your service with us – there are several advantages.

Clients can also point existing 1300 or 1800 numbers to services on our Network.

Answering services help marketing campaigns

One Number for National Marketing

Scale your Business across markets

Marketing support
Mobile phone calling for virtual reception

Customers can call from anywhere in Australia

Easier to remember than a local number!

Convenience is a feature of our services.
24 hour telephone answering

Retain the marketing investment in the telephone number

Point it to us for 24x7 answering or just after hours

Control your service with us

Industry Solutions

Services can be structured to suit the way that you work. Agent training covers customer service, the common requirements for key client groups, and how services are used by businesses of different types and sizes.

We also have applications to handle complex corporate customer service in a way that offers a high level of service transparency for coordination across client business operations.

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