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The information collected on this form is necessary for your account or service set up. Information provided will be handled in confidence; please complete as much as you can at this time.

Once we have your application, a staff member will contact you during business hours and provide a draft of your screen set up and the paperwork to confirm your account and service delivery selection.

If you need to, you can also upload .DOC, .CSV, .XLS or .PDF format files just prior to submission. Please note that fields marked * are mandatory.

NOTE - You will have the opportunity to review and edit all details just prior to submission.

Your Details

The person lodging the service application.

Operational Contact

Who will be the main Operations contact for this service?

Same as "Your Details".

Emergency Contact

This number should not be diverted to your main screen so that we can always get in contact with this person if need arises.


Company Details

Company Contact

Same as "Street Address".

Main Office Location Details

Please advise where practical for your business - this is standard information for operators.

Office Hours

Your normal hours, excluding our supplementary coverage.

Accounts Payable

Trade References

Other businesses or contractors that extend credit to you or this business. e.g. landlord, subcontractor, supplier (but not large utilities, which won't give references). Please note where no reference is supplied a Service Bond may be levied.


Call Handling

Hint: How you would like to announce your company to callers
Hint: A brief description of how our operators should handle different call types. If you require more complex call handling that what the Call Handling fields allow here please attach a file with the Call Handling details in the Attach Document section below.

A brief overview of products or services provided by your company, with pricing, if appropriate.
Questions callers frequently ask, and answers for them. Click the Add FAQ button to add a Frequently Asked Question

Hint: As appropriate; if complex please discuss with us at set up.
Hint: List any contacts, apart from staff, that callers may need to know
Attach Document

Files up to 2MB can be uploaded in DOC, PDF, XLS and CSV formats.
Select a file.

How would you like to send messages?

Messages can be sent several ways at once but please note that SMS messages are limited to 160 characters and pager messages may also have limits.

If you require more message sending options than allowed here, please contact one of our customer liasons.

Call Routing

How will your calls come to us?

  Diverting from your mainline, national number or mobile

  Own 1300/1800/1900 number anchored to Well Done

  Well Done to supply a portable 1300 or 1800 for your service

When will your calls come to us?

We will answer your calls whenever you send them to us and Client Services will discuss your options with you later, but chiefly, you expect that we will receive:

  All your calls all the time (i.e. your line or lines will be anchored at Well Done)

  After hours calls

  Overflow calls during business hours

  Calls as convenient (e.g. staff meetings etc)

How many of your calls might come to us per week?*

Even a rough estimate will help us roster staff to support your service.

Once you confirm your service we can set up your screens here. Bear in mind that for complex services we may need to schedule some operator training to support your service. However, again, your estimate will help us plan our rosters.

I would like to start the service

Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions*.


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