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Help Desk & Back Office Services

Some tasks are too specialised to factor across a Contact Centre network so different approaches may be needed.

Sometimes we may concentrate the work into a dedicated team within our Australian Contact Centre Network, particularly where there is a steady volume of work.

We can also offer lower cost Back Office Services that may be handled by particular staff within agreed hours within our International Customer Service Centre in Manila. High call volumes aren’t necessarily required; we can do work on a standby basis responding to enquiries following an agreed process. Alternatively, this can be configured and charged on an hourly basis and encompass some of the functions of a PA.

Help Desk Services

Under a WebAssist Service we can train contact centre agents to handle general tasks and processes for your service. In contrast, Help Desk support deploys dedicated staff, trained in your systems, and possibly even holding specific qualifications.

Higher level services can be handled on a Help Desk service, with agents handling escalated issues through multiple levels, direct Team Leader oversight, and staffing levels being set to achieve mutually agreed service levels. A formal contract is required for these services, but considerable flexibility can be offered in terms of staffing levels and arrangements as productivity gains are made.