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Web Retail

Websites can offer affordable self-service shop fronts for your business, but the web is ‘open’ all of the time, and many people look for signs of reliability and professionalism in your business before they buy. A 24 hour telephone support service can provide a level of reassurance for your customers, whether they call you or not.

Demographics can also play a part. Some customers may want to ask questions or place their order by telephone rather than online themselves.

While it may be uneconomic for you to staff the lines yourself all or even part of the time, we can help you offer responsive customer service at a fraction of the cost.

Ways that we can support web retail:

Order Taking Service

  • Logging orders and credit card payments
  • Call triage – answering FAQs but referring detailed, operational or urgent enquiries to your specialists
  • Fulfillment services

Help Desk and Web Assist

  • Live Chat and email enquiry response
  • Help Desk and Back Office support

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