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Value Message Service

You may never want to miss a call, but the fact is that many people dislike leaving messages on an answering machine and mass market message services can be fairly impersonal and inflexible. With Well Done, you have another option.

Your calls, answered in style.

This is a simple service suitable for an individual or a business. You create the greeting that you want. We only take messages on this service, but you can have these directed to three possible recipients. Messages can be pre-set to go via email, SMS, fax or pager.

For example, messages for Sue (SMS and email); messages for John (email) and messages for Dave (pager) could all be handled on the one Value Message Service.

Here’s a typical call sequence:

'Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Prime Business This is... How may I help you?'

We indicate that you are unable to take the call, but ask for the caller’s name, company (if applicable), best contact number and a short message and advise that the call will be returned asap. Your message is sent as soon as the call is logged.