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Ticketed Bookings

There are many situations in which ticketed bookings are required, but if you thought that contact centre supported ticketed bookings were beyond your reach, think again!

With Well Done bookings support for your web based box office booking system, we can easily handle your bookings 24/7 by phone, box office or web.

For example, with a log in to your web based ticketing CRM we can handle bookings for:

  • Schools, university and charity fundraisers;
  • Small theatre groups, theatres and cinemas;
  • Sporting and Bowling club events;
  • University seminars, conferences and workshops;
  • Corporate events – ticketed, or with simple reservations desk with or without barcoded Name Tags;
  • Coach ticketing;
  • Regional entertainment centres and Theme Parks,
  • Racing, casino, and stadium events.

Operations would need to take a guided walk through your system with one of your team to assess its suitability for call centre use. A charge for training the pool of operators in your system would also be assessed. In particular, we look for web based systems that are fast loading and easy to navigate and sufficient ongoing call volumes to keep agents familiar with your system.

Well Done bookings support

We can act as your full time bookings team, or just handle the after hours or overflow calls that you divert to us at a fraction of what it would cost you to employ additional people to take these calls. Our clients include charities, community groups and government, and range from one-person start up businesses through to large corporations. You don’t have to be a large organisation to benefit from our systems and expertise.

In addition to your booking system, we provide our operators with links to useful information on our Customer Management Application (CMA) to deliver responsive service to your callers. Easy access to these links allows us to answer FAQs and provide insightful background information to your event, take messages for event organizers and key personnel, or refer complex enquiries to you for follow up.

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