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The Well Done Difference

Well Done is an Australian owned and operated Customer Relationships Specialist company. We have developed our own proprietary customer interface technology to provide exceptional service flexibility for our clients.

This common communications platform supports existing channels such as email, SMS, pagers and faxes and analogue, digital, satellite and Skype telephony. It also allows us to provide innovative custom solutions not generally available to our competitors, and respond to and deploy emergent new communications channels and technologies.

Whether your business is large or small, you can expect tailored, flexible, responsive service at Well Done.

The Well Done Advantage

Above all, we aim to provide our clients with service options.

No contracts

We don’t lock you into ongoing contracts, the occasional exception being where there is a substantial investment in the set up, training or the provision of dedicated staff for a project to be recovered.

We win and keep your business on performance, and there are no penalties if you switch between services as your needs change.

Choice of service delivery

Labour represents the bulk of our costs, and while many clients want their calls answered in Australia 24x7, it may not always be critical that they are. Generally speaking, if you select offshore delivery for your service, we can pass on the cost savings to you – it’s your choice.

Either way, your customer service, IT support and operational management is handled by our senior staff in Australia to the same high standard.

Value Added

While many clients just need us to take messages and send them on in different ways depending on context or urgency, we can do much more.

Much of our work is specialist support for a wide range of industries underpinned by specialised operator training or IT development here.

We consider ourselves as part of your team, so if a problem arises or your needs change, please talk to us – we work with you at Well Done.