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Scalable, web-based and custom developed

Well Done has developed an expandable model based on the use of their own proprietary web interface, our Customer Management Application (CMA).

Our CMA is integrated into an enterprise level Fonality VOIP phone server system and Asterix HUD and IVR technology. The system operates on both commercial and standard dual screen Unix and Windows platforms connected via our local area and distributed networks. We also have soft cell telephone technology to link in your remote experts to our system, if required or home based tele-workers.

With this technology we can run multiple contract contact centres, including remote tele-workers, in one seamless network. We can also set up client specific call centres with their own dedicated staff running on our system in a relatively short time frame.

Research and Development

IT development of our proprietary systems is ongoing, driven by the needs of our most complex clients, to the benefit of all our clientele.

Control over this common communications platform allows us to respond to our customers’ requirements with unparalleled flexibility, using both existing communications channels like email, SMS, pagers, faxes and analogue, digital, satellite and Skype telephony, and also emergent new technologies such as GPS command SMS, voice and data.


Apart from physical and technical systems and staff protocols to ensure security, the principle behind our technical solutions is inbuilt redundancy for instant or speedy recovery from a network or server failure.

Our main server is located within a restricted data centre with significant access security and video monitoring and guaranteed 99.9999% power uptime. Data is also backed up offsite to a three cluster server in the USA.

All critical equipment has both UPS and generator backup allowing seamless recovery. Our system is arranged so that a major failure at one centre can be overcome by passing calls on to other centres and remote workstations.

Phone, Network and general technical support is provided by in-house technicians, supported by two external network consultants, contract developers, Fonality, AAPT, Mynetfone and Messagenet technical support 24 x 7 as required.