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Staff Welfare Checks

Well Done can provide sophisticated custom systems to suit your staff welfare requirements or support your GPS device alerts. We have also developed low cost, high value support applications to meet the needs of most employers such as ShiftCheck Lone Worker Welfare.

NEW - ShiftCheck Lone Worker Welfare

This is new generation technology to support your staff working alone or in remote locations. It is perfect for ranger call outs but the application can also be used for staff traveling to meetings, making community visits alone, going through lock up routines and or performing maintenance work after hours. Once you add their details to the system your people will have immediate 24x7 contact centre support for their welfare whenever they need it.

Self-service options make the system easy to use and also help to keep your costs down. A simple SMS can start your welfare event and you can Check in your safety or Check out with replies to automated reminders. Beyond the low monthly access fee for the application, billing is based on actual usage, so it's affordable for both large and small enterprises. We can offer support in conjunction with your existing Council Support Service with us or as a stand alone service.

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