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Sales and Marketing

We can handle mass sales enquiries for your marketing campaigns, and send you sales enquiries as simple messages. Alternatively, we can log enquiries direct to your website or develop a database application that can capture your sales enquiries in sort-able fields suitable for further analysis.

Portable 1300 and 1800 numbers are also available.

Typical service functions

Note: Higher service levels provide additional features and options. You are free to change between services without penalty.

Live Call Answering Service

  • Answer FAQs and capture key sales enquiry data
  • Distinguish responses to multiple marketing campaigns of a similar nature
  • Connect callers to the nearest branch, agent or stockist
  • IT development to handle high volume enquiries in sort-able database applications

Booking Services

  • Handle RSVPs to your product launches or other events
  • Service appointments

WebAssist and Order Taking Services

  • Help desk
  • Orders and payments
  • Outbound customer service follow up calls
  • Log survey responses

Back Office Outbound

  • Database cleansing
  • Customer Service and debtor follow up calls
  • Conduct market research into an industry
  • Help desk, live chat and email enquiry response

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