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Ranger and Call Out Service Support

When an emergency is NOT really an emergency!

It's 2am. You just got back from a 45 minute false alarm and the phone rings. Another barking dog! It's the same one that you've fielded calls about every night this week. You explain again to this caller that this is NOT an urgent issue and that they need to call Council again about it during business hours. It's 2:15am and it starts to rain again, heavily. They have your number and you just know that the phone will ring again very, very soon. . .

Wouldn't it be more efficient if you only received calls for issues that you need to attend? If someone, anyone, could filter out the Claytons emergencies and call you only when required? We agree - enter Well Done, the Council specialists.

Our dedicated Council Response Centre specialises in all levels of response management supporting rangers and on-call officers.

We escalate only when required as instructed by you.

We talk your talk

As a locally owned and operating business, we understand the different issues between city and regional centres. We have a grass-roots understanding of Council requirements.

Through our work with many government bodies and emergency services, we know what Councils handle, and what the RTA, SRA, STA, EPA, SES, RFS, MFB, NSWPF, NPWS, RSPCA, WIRES, MWS, DOE, DOH, DOD, NSWP, SHFA, DOA, DOLG, DOL, DOP, DOSRD, EA, CE, IE, DOWE, DOPI, MSB, SPC etc all do. We can separate out just what your staff need, when they need it, and tell them efficiently in council-speak.

Call options

You have the option of mobile (voice), pager or SMS messages. We also log every call and level of escalation for future reference. Call logs can be emailed individually as calls are taken, sent to you as periodic reports or accessed as self-service reporting via your Client Portal on our system. Our reports are presented in simple spreadsheets that are easy to understand.

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