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Mining and Industry

Our clients in mining and industry frequently employ staff in dangerous and remote work sites, or need technical staff alerted when systems fail.

Beyond general reception support that we can provide any business, most of our clients in these industries use our escalation and custom staff welfare support services.

Typical service functions

Note: Higher service levels provide additional features and options. You are free to change between services without penalty.

Live Call Answering Service

  • Enquiry capture for a government project being advertised (e.g. Jobs Drive, Regional Tourism festivals and events);
  • General after hours and overflow switchboard and support.

Roster Lookup, Escalation Support Services

  • Facilities Maintenance support for buildings and plant;
  • Infolines to log complaints and requests for assistance concerning major projects;
  • OHS and incident reporting – both routine reporting and activation of incident response teams.

Staff welfare and Business Disaster Recovery

  • Simple GPS panic alert response for staff in the field; through to
  • Complete staff welfare and/or shift monitoring systems for departments, work groups or individuals;
  • Journey welfare tracking for both groups and individuals;
  • Asset and vehicle tracking systems with contact centre support;
  • Custom systems to provide alternative communications platforms for your organisation when dislocation or disaster strikes.

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