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Lone Worker Check System

Well Done has developed low cost, high value support applications to meet the needs of most employers such as ShiftCheck Lone Worker Welfare.

We can also provide sophisticated custom systems to your requirements. These systems are commonly used to support the safety of staff or contractors:

  • Working alone (e.g. rangers, cleaners, doctors, tradespeople, truck drivers, health or community workers in the field);
  • Working in remote locations (e.g. rangers, remote resource and infrastructure projects);
  • Working in hazardous sites (e.g. heavy industry, building and infrasructure).

Your Lone Worker Check System application can also provide an immediately useful communications platform for your company in the event of disaster; just pre-populate your application with your key staff under set departments and use the SMS Broadcast feature to respond to unfolding events.

Options Available

  • Escalation response to emergency notifications by phone or SMS alert;
  • Largely automated systems with the option of contact centre support;
  • Systems intensively managed by senior contact centre staff;
  • Monitoring with simple notification or full escalation support;
  • Journey welfare support for individuals or groups (and changing combinations of both) on remote expeditions;
  • Information encryption for commercially sensitive projects;
  • Notification of top management, divisions, managers according to the location or severity of an incident or injury;
  • Integration of your enterprise level mass evacuation system into a comprehensive Business Disaster Recovery support plan.

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Lone Worker

ShiftCheck Lone Worker Welfare gives you control over who, how, and when you welfare your people with immediate 24x7 contact centre support. If offers both self-service features to keep your costs down on routine checks and full back up whenever you need it.

Once your employees and escalation procedures are on the system, you can start a welfare event by sending a simple SMS in a standard format. A simple reply to our welfare reminders can confirm your safety or close off the welfare event. It's so easy that your staff and contractors will be happy to follow your welfare procedures and use the system.

Beyond the low monthly access fee for the application, your billing is based on actual usage so it's affordable for businesses of any size.

  • No special equipment - use any mobile or just call in
  • Simple Check in Check out or staged welfare options
  • Value added features - SMS Broadcast utility and other options

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Business Disaster Recovery

While having a general reception service in place that can take your calls if your phone or IT systems are down is often referred to in our industry as a ‘disaster recovery’ service, so much more is possible when this is integrated into a comprehensive custom system.

Elements of your Business Disaster Recovery support service at Well Done may include:

  • A staff communication platform that provides access to up to date contact information for all staff with flexible levels of access and authority within your management hierarchy; the ability to broadcast SMS or voice messages or deliver automated and operator assisted status updates to qualified individuals or groups; and outbound support as required;
  • Physical systems supporting this plan comprise operator instructions for your service on our Customer Management Application (CMA) and integration of Asterix system IVR programming into the CMA and your custom staff welfare database;
  • Contact support for your business – we can help keep you in touch with clients, contractors, suppliers, media and the general public and add call handling protocols for different call types;
  • Back Office support – as required. This may take the form of outbound customer service follow up, live chat or routine website enquiries response, or simple data entry while you get your people, systems, or premises back to business as usual.

We would be pleased to consult with you about your enterprise’s requirements and develop a custom system to your specifications.

PhoneIT GPS technology

Well Done has integrated PhoneIT IP, voice and data so that we can receive your GPS alerts directly into our CMA and follow your response protocols.

We selected PhoneIT GPS because of the outstanding range of monitoring applications that this technology supports. All devices are sold and provisioned by PhoneIT. Well Done makes no commissions on their sale or use.

This technology combined with your staff welfare service or escalation service at Well Done can support a very wide range of situations and protocols.

For example –

Shift Monitoring

Full service GPS enabled mobile phones and basic restricted use OH&S models are available with pre-programmable buttons to set off panic alerts, or automatically notify us of the START and END of a shift with a GPS location, time and date stamp. These updates can be automatically imported into your database application at Well Done.

Depending on your instructions, contact centre supported notification or escalation can be automatically triggered if the scheduled report is overdue.

Out of area alerts

Where workers are in an area outside mobile coverage, contact centre follow up can be triggered if the scheduled safety report is not made.

Journey Monitoring

PhoneIT AVL technology can monitor fleet vehicle movements and engine operation on their website. You can set alerts if a vehicle has not moved for a set time; has gone out of area coverage and not returned within a set time; or the shock sensor sends a Man Down alert in case of an accident.

Well Done can provide contact centre support for your alerts but fleet managers can also monitor a wide set of indicators on the PhoneIT website to analyse driver behaviour, claim diesel rebates and schedule maintenance.

Asset Monitoring

Major assets like trailers, containers or bull dozers may be moved or used without your knowledge, and end up lost or stolen. PhoneIT technology supports the following applications:

  • Location and operation of fleet vehicles or working plant;
  • Our of area alerts or remote immobilisation of moveable assets subject to unauthorized use;
  • Detailed reporting of engine, plant or pump usage available with AVL devices;
  • BloQ devices for covert tracking of cargo and fixed assets

MyTrak software to GPS enable existing Blackberries in use are also available.

For more information, please view our brochure or contact PhoneIT direct at www.phoneit.com.au