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Local Government

Well Done provides a 24 x 7 solution to Councils, from basic through to full after hours customer service and working day overflow coverage.

We are the Council specialists

Well Done also provides those extra options that complete the service. We have developed many custom web based applications and response processes for assisting clients to achieve optimal outcomes in both cost and service.

Common ancillary services for Councils include support/complaint lines, people and vehicle tracking, parking meters support, booking services, water quality, wet weather or event infolines and Disaster recovery support services.

We are a longstanding corporate member of the National Local Government Customer Service Network Inc and have recently joined LGPRO. We are also have preferred supplier status with Local Government Association Procurement.

A culture of service and innovation

At Well Done, your service is supported by ongoing systems development, a comprehensive operator training program, and Client Services and Operations personnel who know your protocols and ensure that we work as an extension of your Customer Service team.

Standard features of the service include -

  • Dedicated Council Response Centre – we train and employ mature Australian specialist operators who will answer your calls as your council and follow your protocols with common sense and discretion;
  • Ongoing development of our proprietary Customer Management Application (CMA) to speed call handling, add value or eliminate duplicated effort between our staff and yours is driven by the requirements of our Council clients, to the benefit of all our clientele;
  • Council Knowledge Base – We present the range of Council protocols that we handle in a common format for easy operator reference, customized with your individual SOPs;
  • Constantly refined interfaces for operators - FAQ, Contacts, Top 10, DLG street and suburb interfaces, council website linkages and address validation are deployed to enhance call handling speed and accuracy;
  • Client Portal - all calls are logged on our CMA as they are taken, even if service requests are entered directly into your CRM. You can access self-service reporting, maintain SOPs, upload duty rosters and post notices for the operators handling your calls via your Client Portal on our system.

Our web-based systems are not location dependent; for instance, operators used street address validation and look-ups even in local areas that we service for better accuracy and speedy customer service. Nonetheless, we have a great deal of local knowledge and experience to handle calls for Councils in city, country and suburban locations and employ trained Council Specialist operators in our call centres in Nowra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

With over 75 Councils using our services Australia-wide, some for over a decade, we believe that we provide the best service available in our industry. We work with you at Well Done.

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