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Local Government

Well Done is a local government support specialist. We have trained Australian staff available to support your service 24x7x365 at our dedicated Council Response Centre.

We provide a standard comprehensive Knowledgebase across all of our Council clients. Within this, your standard operating procedures (SOP) are designed and maintained by your team online.

Leading edge technology

Our Customer Management Application is custom software developed in-house, and our systems development is driven by the needs of our most complex clients, to the benefit of all our clientele.

Control over this software platform allows to us respond with unparalleled flexibility to your requirements and emergent new communications channels.

Council Services include:

  • After hours and overflow support;
  • All department support;
  • Accessing your CRM to log service requests;
  • Escalation support for rangers;
  • Wet weather and infolines;
  • Water Board Helplines;
  • Parking meter support;
  • GPS Panic alert support for field staff through to complete custom staff welfare monitoring systems;
  • Emergency and Business Disaster Recovery

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