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IT Industry Support

Well Done handles many services for companies in IT and telecommunications sectors.

Frequently these services are set up because of the need to provide support on call to clients or to fulfil contracts requiring 24x7 contact centre support. Sometimes the manner in which we conduct the escalation itself may differ markedly from the norm because of the nature of technical systems that our IT industry clients use.

The thing to note is that we can provide unsurpassed flexibility in your service set up to achieve the support outcomes required:

Well Done develops its own proprietary technology in-house to handle a wide range of complex services. Our Customer Management Application is our common communications platform and this integrates with telephony and escalation monitoring systems and various custom database applications that we have developed for particular services. Systems development is ongoing and generally this is driven by the needs of our client base to deliver better productivity and service outcomes.

IT is central to our business, like yours, so if your requirements pose new and interesting technical challenges - talk to us. Our Sales, Client Services and Operations Support staff have access to a high level of expertise within our in-house IT development team and we can frequently provide innovative service solutions.