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Internet Sales Support

The internet has changed the marketplace profoundly and given smaller businesses the chance to operate in international markets with huge savings in labour cost and effort. However, to harness its potential businesses also need to carefully rethink how they operate, and consider what opportunities exist to help them grow.

The most obvious difference to a local shopfront is that your website works for you all the time, not just in business hours…in fact, many businesses don’t even have physical premises, but are comprised of work groups coordinating remotely.

The next consideration is to ask what needs my personal response and, by extension, what can reasonably be delegated or outsourced?

And finally, what can save or make me money? Usually, all these questions and answers are closely linked.

Contact Centre Support

Well Done contact centres are ideally placed to support your web business, whatever its size or business model. Web based and scalable, our systems enable us to answer multiple calls for you at once.

  • If you have premises and staff, we can cover the after hours enquiries and help with marketing campaign peaks at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff yourself;
  • If you and others work from home, we can act as your shopfront all the time and direct calls to key staff as required;
  • We can log sales enquiries and orders to your website direct;
  • We can supply portable 1300 or 1800 numbers for your service;
  • We can also support Live Chat, conduct customer service follow up calls on your behalf, respond to routine website enquiries or even raise simple quotations.

We can respond to calls driven by your web campaigns or advertising in print, radio or TV. For larger campaigns, we can also advise on set ups to track multiple campaigns running simultaneously and the best ways to handle your peak loads.

Order Taking Services

The simplest, most efficient way of handling your orders is for our operators to navigate our screens for general information (this is often quicker) but log orders and credit card payments through your website using your merchant facilities.

Operators would ordinarily handle general enquiries and answer FAQs, but might refer detailed enquiries to you.

Other service models are available for clients without a website, including variations on order messaging and the Well Done Order System, which support simple order taking for a start up business with a limited product range. Our sales people would be pleased to discuss your requirements and outline the options available.

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Fulfilment Services (Pick and Pack)

Fulfilment is offered for small items such as calendars, gift vouchers, CD or printed product catalogues etc related to your answering service with us.

This is charged on the basis of the estimated time that it takes to pick and pack your orders, and charges for storage and supervision of the service. Consumables and freight are charged at cost on your own Australia Post account.

Typically window faced envelopes with invoices or packing slips are used to address your dispatches. We can either raise invoices on orders taken through the contact centre, or receive your prepaid orders or requests for information packs direct from your website.

Sales Support - 24x7

Contact centre support can give you sales and service capability 24 x 7 without the overhead and burden of managing staff. Once you have the service in place, it’s like having staff on standby – however many people you need, just when you need them.

We can be your website sales team all the time, logging orders and credit card payments and answering FAQs, or just after hours and as convenient when your lines are busy.

With a WebAssist or Back Office Outbound service we may be able to help you handle wholesale re-orders and enquiries. We do similar work already in the fashion industry.

Even if making a sale in your case does not involve logging units and credit card details to process an order, we can help. On a Live Call Answering Service we can capture initial sales enquiries, answer FAQs and intelligently interact with your callers and send information to the appropriate sales team, or location.

The key to superior service at Well Done is in the provision of useful background information through flexible links on our Customer Management Application and your website, and close attention to training so that we become part of your team!

Value Added Services

At Well Done we also look at how we can add value to your service. This may be by flexible handling that is a better fit to how you work or custom database applications to speed your call handling or deliver data fields that you can sort, analyse or import into your CRM. We can collect your callers’ email addresses and email them product information even as we log their calls.

We also offer a range of support options offshore that you can access even if your inbound calls are answered 24x7 in our Australian contact centres. Under WebAssist or Back Office Outbound services, at our Customer Service Centre in Manila we can undertake more detailed customer service support, Live Chat and respond to routine email enquiries to your website. We can also produce routine quotations for your sales enquiries, and conduct outbound customer service follow up calls on your behalf.

Under Custom and Hosted Solutions we can also employ and manage dedicated specialist staff on your behalf. Such staff could be operators with specialist training in your systems or even specialists with qualifications in IT, accounting or design, if required.