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Government Agencies

Well Done provides support to a range of Federal, State and Local Government bodies.

Typical service functions

Note: Higher service levels provide additional features and options. You are free to change between services without penalty.

Live Call Answering Service

  • Infoline;
  • Enquiry capture for a government project being advertised (e.g. Jobs Drive, Regional Tourism festivals and events);
  • General after hours and overflow switchboard and support.

Booking Services

  • Bookings and ticketing for entertainment venues;
  • RSVP support for special events.

WebAssist Service

  • Conduct caller surveys (e.g. tourism, health);
  • Help desk for website support (new programs, events and festivals).

Roster Lookup, Escalation Support Services

  • Facilities Maintenance support for government buildings and community housing;
  • Infolines to log complaints and requests for assistance concerning major projects;
  • Infolines to log complaints and requests for assistance (e.g. major projects, site or industry emergency lines).

Council Services

  • After hours and overflow support for all departments;
  • Wet weather lines, parking meter support and Water lines;
  • Rangers' call out support.

Staff Welfare and Business Disaster Recovery

  • Simple GPS panic alert response for staff in the field;
  • Complete staff welfare and/or shift monitoring systems for departments, work groups or individuals;
  • Asset and vehicle tracking systems with contact centre support also available;
  • Custom systems to provide an alternative communications platform for your organisation when dislocation or disaster strikes.

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