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How we support General Business

Well Done International provides a wide range of services to flexibly support general business. Examples include help desk and sales support; messaging; switchboard services to staff, departments, branches or franchises; staff welfare call outs.

We can handle your calls all the time, or supplement your reception or contact centre operations with overflow or after hours support. We can also provide temporary cover as required.

Communication channels include telephone, email, pagers, faxes, GPS voice and data, live chat, and IVR applications.

Portable 1300 and 1800 numbers are available.

Typical service functions

Note: Higher service levels provide additional features and options. You are free to change between services without penalty.

Value Message Service

  • Simple message taking for an individual or company

Live Call Answering Service

  • Sales enquiry capture, answering FAQs
  • Switchboard – for staff, branches, departments or franchisees
  • Infolines

Calendar and Appointment Taking Services

  • Web bookings for appointments
  • RSVP desk for product launches and events
  • Ticketed seating for venues
  • Bookings support for product launches

Order Taking Service and WebAssist

  • Orders and payments logged to your website, with alternative approaches; available for businesses without their own website or merchant facilities
  • Fulfillment services
  • Help desk support
  • Custom job allocation systems

Back Office Outbound

  • Email enquiry response and Live Chat
  • Outbound Customer Service follow up
  • Accounts payable support
  • Market research, data entry and database cleansing project work

Call out and Escalation Support

  • Call triage and escalation to rostered staff or contractors as required
  • GPS panic alert support for staff in the field

Staff Welfare and Business Disaster Recovery

  • Custom staff welfare and shift monitoring systems
  • Mass evacuation and communications support
  • OH & S incident support
  • GPS asset and journey tracking
  • Reception support after hours or overflow ongoing as convenient, or just until your reception is back on track.

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