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1300 (and other) Numbers

These offer several advantages. A 1300 number offers:

  • Convenience – you only need to list one number on your advertising and people can call you from any landline within Australia for the cost of a local call;

  • Savings – after the monthly rental, call costs when your line is anchored to a landline are just a few cents per minute;

  • Control – our 1300 numbers are portable, which means that we can release them to you if required at some later point – you retain control over your marketing investment in your phone number.

1800 numbers are similar, but the calls are free where callers are calling you from a landline in Australia. Call charges to you are slightly higher, but other charges, if you source your 1800 number with us, are the same.

We source our portable national 1300 and 1800 numbers from Fonebox. Your number will be anchored to an answer-point (this is usually your diversion point on our system), and there is a hosting/rental charge for the number and call costs each month. The good news is that ongoing costs are much lower than a conventional telephone line, so any business could benefit from taking up a national virtual number for their sales or customer service calls.

You can also anchor or divert your existing 1300 or 1800 numbers to your answer-point on our system. We cannot provide 1900 numbers, but you can still anchor your 1900 number to our system.

Anchor or divert?

Your first decision when you set up your service with us is whether you want to anchor a line with us so that we answer all your calls all the time, or whether you just want to divert your calls to us at your convenience.

1300 and 1800 numbers can be 'anchored' or diverted to your answer-point with us. Landlines and mobiles can only be diverted to your answer-point on our system.

You can put diversions in place so that we can answer your calls when:

  • Your line is busy;
  • After a set number of rings;
  • Routinely, after hours; or
  • Anytime to cover staff meetings, public holidays etc.

All four kinds of diversion can be programmed into your phone to operate concurrently. Any number of telephone lines can be diverted to the one screen account providing your greeting is the same, and the call handling instructions are clear.

Once we have your service up on our system, Client Services will provide you with the answer point on our system and the instructions to put your diversions in place.

Anchoring 1300 numbers

You can anchor your existing 1300 line with us, or ask your 1300 provider to anchor your line with us part time (e.g. after hours). If your 1300 number is delivered via VoIP by your provider, it shouldn’t cost you more to divert to us in this way.

One advantage of having your line anchored with us is that the operator can see the incoming line on our system. If you divert to us, we only see your diversion number.


Your answer-point (or diversion point) is the number on our system that, when called, will ‘pop’ your screen information for the operators who handle your calls. Each answer-point is a telephone number that is tied to our system; we don’t recommend that you advertise this number because it cannot be released to you (although our 1300 and 1800 numbers can be).

You can divert any number of lines to this answer-point provided your greeting is the same and the call handling is in place (e.g. your main lines, 1300 or 1800 numbers and mobiles as well). You can also ‘anchor’ 1300 or 1800 numbers to an answer point. Once you confirm your service, Client Services will allocate your answer-point when your service is set up on our system.

Call Centre or Contact Centre?

While many of our clients may operate a call centre to handle their reception, our contact centres support their service after hours and take their overflow calls during the day.

A call centre is a dedicated set up for one organisation. A contact centre provides multi-channel reception services to a range of clients.

Well Done can host your call centre at your premises, provide dedicated staff for your call centre within our Contact Centre or act as your multi-channel contact centre reception service.

Call Costs

Our local, mobile and international calls are routed via Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) at very competitive rates. Unless we provide you with a 1300 number, we do not charge you for your inbound call costs; this is charged to you by your telecommunications provider. However, where we conference a call to you or otherwise make an outbound call on your behalf, we will charge you the call costs that we incur.

Client Portal

Clients can log into our system to view their screen information and call logs, upload files or post notices for the operators handling your calls. The facility can be very useful for clients who regularly need to update rosters, or answering services where staff can be in meetings, attending court or at conferences. It is also a timely way to alert operators to special offers or promotions that you are offering.

There are different levels of access available, with higher levels being provided on a needs basis because of the possibility of introduced error. Our operators are trained to look for certain kinds of information in set links on your screens, so it is wise to resist the urge to rearrange where standard information is found. If you have long term or fundamental changes to be made to your service you should contact Client Services to do this on your behalf.

General access to the portal is free, but a small monthly charge is levied to enable self-service reporting capabilities. Client Services can set this up for you and walk you through its use.


Generally we provide services without long term contracts (there are exceptions for complex services with dedicated teams or where a contract is requested by the client). All we ask is that you provide 30 days notice to quit a service. This gives us time to run the end of month accounts and notify the work teams that provide your service.


Our Customer Management Application (CMA) is the communications platform that handles all our service set ups and messaging. The CMA is custom software developed in-house (and ongoing) by our IT team. It is web based and scalable technology that allows us to provide exceptional flexibility in our service delivery both to our general business and complex service clients in business and government.

Standard capabilities:

  • Multiple and complex call handling protocols;
  • Links within our screens to your company information, PDF and excel files and external linkages to your website or web based systems;
  • Communications by email, SMS, fax, pagers, voice, PhoneIT GPS and data.

Applied capabilities:

  • Custom IT development of database applications that can integrate with our CMA and perform value added tasks to enhance the productivity of your service here;
  • Hosted solutions.


We log into a number of our clients’ Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems. Our operators are trained in the use of our systems, but when we log into a new CRM, there are a number of factors to be assessed for a successful service result.

  • Your software needs to web based and multi-user;
  • We need to assess the system for ease of operator use and assess a training charge;
  • We need sufficient call volume for the pool of operators handling your service to be proficient in your system.

We also consider what the net benefits to you are of approaching your service this way as opposed to other service set ups that we could offer.


Diversions are set up on your phone system or mobile and directed to your answer-point (more correctly known as your diversion-point) on our system. We have no control over the diversions that you program to occur, but Client Services will give you instructions about this when your screens are set up. Please note that some complex PABX systems may require assistance from your technical support to set up.

You can divert any number of lines to the one diversion point on our system (e.g. main lines, mobiles, 1300 lines) provided that the greeting is the same and the call handling for the range of calls to be answered is in place.

Normally only your primary number is redirected, but additional numbers will follow as well if established on a rotary. If you want a call to ring a set number of times you will need to time how long your phone takes to do this and then set this in your diversion as a given number of seconds. It takes another second for your call to start ringing on our system.

Multiple diversions can be programmed to operate simultaneously:

  • Overflow - when your lines are busy;
  • Overflow – when your lines are not answered within a set time;
  • After Hours – routinely preprogrammed.

You can also divert to us anytime, at your convenience, to cover for staff meetings, closures and public holidays.

Do Not Call Register

Well Done does not conduct cold call telemarketing to the public. Such calling is subject to Australian Government legislation, and telemarketing lists must be washed through the Do Not Call Register at least once every 30 days. Both businesses commissioning such outbound calling and the call centres that they engage can be fined heavily for calling individuals on this register without a prior relationship and permission.


We can send your messages to your pager, but please note that the message limits (if any) will be those set by your pager provider.

Pricing and Take-on Process at Well Done

Pricing for only the simplest services are listed on our website because most of our service offerings are custom set ups. Once we have you brief, we will discuss your service options and the pricing applicable.

The first step is then to lodge your online application. This gives us the basic company information for your screen set up and contact details for our accounts and operational staff. We will then provide a draft of your screen information along with the paperwork for you to sign off to confirm the service so that Client Services can set up your service.

Depending on the complexity, we may undertake specific training with the operators handling your calls or cover your service in regular general training. Client Services is then your ongoing point of contact for changes or service issues. It’s true – we work with you at Well Done.

Recording Calls

We can record your calls in .WAV format and store these on our web server for self-service access for two months following each month's recordings. It is a legal requirement that callers are warned that their calls may be recorded for training or quality monitoring purposes, so an announce only message is played to callers at the beginning of the call.

Redirecting Calls

See Diversions.

Service Application

Your online application provides us with the basic information to set up your screens on our systems, although Client Services will further tailor your set up as required. It also provides information for our administrative staff handling your service.

As our client you decide what the protocols are; what details can be given out and how to handle your calls. Even on a simple Value Message Service, the operators are trained to look for basic information about your company in standard locations. This needs to be concise and useful information that they can readily use to assist your callers.


You can divert your Skype telephone line to us like any other number. Skype does not integrate with our Asterix telephony, so there is no video component, but we can handle the voice call.

Smart Numbers

Smart Numbers are 1300 and 1800 numbers allocated by online auction by the Australian Government. You can select a number that is more memorable or linked to your organisation’s name or product for marketing purposes. Once purchased, you will still need to have the number hosted and directed to an answer-point for it to function.


Short Message Service text messages to mobile phones are limited to 160 characters, so this makes use of a message template to capture standard answers to set questions difficult. It also means that a message that goes by both SMS and email will be necessarily be limited to 160 characters. Anything longer results in messages being split into additional SMS messages; while these may be received as one message, they would be charged as multiple messages.

Operators have alerts on our system when a message exceeds 160 characters so that they can reword the message to stay within normal SMS limits.

Toll Free numbers overseas

1300 and 1800 numbers only operate within Australia. For toll free or limited numbers overseas, you have the choice of World Numbers, which are prohibitively expensive, or toll free numbers in individual countries routed to your answer-point on your system.

We can help you with this. It is more expensive than 1300 numbers within Australia, and rates vary between countries, but we can provide competitive routing at well below standard international call rates.


Web Calendar

Well Done supports a simple web calendar for service appointments. For information on how to enable the demonstration version and log in, or to view the user tour, click here.

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