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Facilities Maintenance Support

FM is a specialist area of our escalation support handling because the response times, what is defined as an emergency, and the types of people calling in about different sites can differ markedly.

For example –

We may need to capture standard sales enquiry data or advise the caller of call out fees and indicative costs or even take a credit card deposit before escalating the call. Where it is not a defined emergency, or the caller elects to avoid a call out fee, we may make a tentative booking after hours for confirmation in the morning or raise tickets in a job allocation system.

Our operators are familiar with a wide range of FM escalation protocols. Extensive training is provided to ensure that they distinguish that the caller issue is, in fact, a defined emergency before conducting the escalation to avoid unnecessary call out expense.

Well Done provides FM support to complex facilities such as military bases, retirement villages, shopping centres, airports, car parks, mines, factories, road and other infrastructure projects, residential and commercial high rise developments, clubs , gyms and large entertainment venues.

'I highly recommend Well Done to any organisation needing help desk services. I have worked with 4 organisations that have used them and they have delivered great service for each.'– Brad Kane, Senior Business Development Manager, Quay Consulting