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Events Support

If your company’s marketing strategy relies heavily upon product launches, workshops or conferences to maintain and extend its product reach, ensuring attendance is vital.

You need the tools at your disposal to follow up your invitations and timely information to alert you when remedial action is needed to increase bookings and attendance.

We can help you populate your product launches, seminars, events and workshops:

  • We answer your calls answered promptly 24 hours a day, every day;
  • We can also respond to routine website email enquiries or send PDF or other files that you provide to callers automatically when they provide us with their email address;
  • Portable 1800 (Free call) or 1300 (local call) numbers are available for your RSVP calls;
  • We can produce a custom database integrated into our Customer Management Application (CMA) system to log your responses and also update records as we take your calls, if required;
  • You can have access to your database with custom fields available for your own use to perform follow-up tasks and track the campaign (outbound calls, send emails or SMS or mail merge your contacts from our updated information);
  • We can also call people who have not responded on your behalf.

Our database can automatically generate SMS reminders or you can access the database to monitor response rates and send out SMS reminders or follow up emails with map links closer to the event.

Key Benefits

  • Punch above your weight – Generate more sales without added overheads, equipment or additional staff; or even-out the impact of a campaign on the workloads of your existing staff;
  • Reduce call handling times and costs through custom database applications – what is simpler for our operators will deliver savings to you, particularly for larger and recurrent events;
  • Effective Control of your event – we provide the team and the tools for you to monitor your response rates and to step up the campaign as necessary to non-respondents and undecided prospects.

For example -

  • Send automatic email or SMS reminders to people who have indicated that they will attend;
  • Our staff can make outbound calls to follow up the invitation to those who have not responded;
  • Send out supplementary campaign material to selected groups (e.g. to encourage some groups to attend, or ensure that even non-attendees receive something about the product);

At Well Done you can leverage your custom solution on our existing expertise – we deliver integrated solutions across your organisation’s call handling requirements. Much can be achieved at a modest cost.

Elements of the Service

First, we look at your objectives and existing work flows.

  • If venue limits are not an issue, we can simply take a message to confirm or decline attendance;
  • If simply taking a message could result in over-bookings and added work for your staff to reschedule, we would consider IT solutions for your service.

Then, we consider how we could add value to your service.

IT development is usually recommended where information can be handled better, and operator productivity can be increased to save you money.

For example -

  • Your database is integrated into our CMA, Fonality and IVR systems as required for better operator productivity;
  • We could add a relational lookup to your database application to apply venue limits to prevent over-bookings;
  • The application could also generate automatic confirmation and follow-up messages to your callers.

We also look at how we can support you after our work is done.

  • Would a Client Portal access to your database assist you? With this you could generate data and report exports for SMS, email and mail merge for postal follow-ups by your staff.
  • Could you use additional fields on our database so that your staff could track the follow up directly from this application?
  • Or would you prefer to export the updated data back into your own CRM?

All these options are possible with a custom database application for your service.

Event Support Desk

In addition to taking RSVP responses, our operators can intelligently interact with your callers and support your event management team.

For example -

  • Reception and event information support to people attending;
  • Event messaging and coordination support for event organizers, exhibitors and keynote speakers.

Under an Order Taking Service we could also log bookings and payments direct to your website.

Seamless integration

Your service can be tailored to your requirements for a one-off event or on an ongoing basis.

  • General Contact Support for your Business - with our suite of inbound reception services we can help keep you in touch with clients, contractors, suppliers, media and the general public and add call handling protocols for different call types beyond the basic brief of taking bookings;
  • Ongoing database cleansing – our operators can double-check currency of information and update records as they take your calls;
  • Access your CRM – under a WebAssist Service, we may also be able to log data direct into your web-based multi-user systems. This would be dependent upon an Operations assessment of your system, provision for training, and sufficient call volume to allow the pool of operators handling your service to develop proficiency and speed in the use of your system.
  • Back Office support – we may also be able to assist in other ways, with simple data entry, routine quotes or website enquiry response handling, outbound sales or customer service follow up, or one-off project work (e.g. database cleansing or market research).

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