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Escalation Systems

A wide range of set ups are used to provide the support our clients need. These may range from semi-automated escalations where the contact centre provides the final back up when others have failed to respond to an alert, through to escalations intensively managed by senior operators and even custom developed database applications integrated into our messaging systems.

Each service has a unique diversion point on our system and service guidelines, links to information, urgency criteria and steps to be taken for easy reference by our agents. Usually we call people on your duty rosters in order at set intervals. Centrally monitored system reminders ensure that your escalation will continue until we complete our task, irrespective who received the initial call or alert.

Customer Service

Where we are receiving calls from the general public, people with a disability or a vulnerable group, please note that our operators have extensive training and experience to draw upon to provide courteous and efficient customer service to callers, particularly those in distress.

Client Portal

Many escalation services clients use their Client Portal access to our Customer Management Application. Depending on your level of access, this can allow you to view or edit your screen information, export call log reports, post time sensitive notices to the agents handling your calls and upload revised roster files.