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Custom and Hosted Solutions

Well Done International (WDI) has expertise in both sophisticated communications technology, and the delivery and management of complex contact centre services.

We can offer commercial users and organisations in need of dedicated staff a wide range of support at competitive pricing. These services are all subject to discussion and negotiation and are tailored to individual clients.


Our Customer Management Application (CMA) is custom software, developed in-house by our IT Team. This proprietary software is a powerful communications platform subject to ongoing development to enable us to respond to emergent new communications channels and anticipate the needs of our most complex clients.

Web based and intrinsically scalable, this common platform is also available for use by other parties in a variety of ways.

For example -

  • As a communications platform for your internal contact centre, with or without operator support in our contact centres;
  • At your premises or ours, with or without hardware and facilities;
  • In Wholesale situations to provide or supplement coverage for other contact centres.

People and Service Management

We can also assist with the management of your dedicated staff in a range of ways.

For example –

  • We can recruit, train, employ and supervise your own dedicated specialist operators at our premises or yours. We can also manage staff that you employ directly in one of our Contact Centres;
  • We can source people with specialist skills (for example, with IT, design, accounting or other qualifications) to handle your service;
  • We can triage your general calls and refer calls requiring specialist assistance to your remote experts set up on extensions on our system using soft phone technology;
  • You can use the CMA as your software platform for your own contact centre staff during business hours’, yet still outsource your calls to us after hours or as convenient.

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Wholesale Solutions

Well Done International contact centres provide call and internet answering support to other call and contact centre industry clients.

Ways that we handle wholesale clients include:

  • Complete outsourcing of their reception services to a multitude of clients;
  • Assistance with call overflows, or supplementary coverage outside of business hours or across international time zones.

We can provide our proprietary CMA software to run your service in multiple locations, or we may be able to incorporate your existing platform within our system.

Hosted Contact Centres

The WDI Hosted Solution can be a cost-effective, flexible and efficient way to create your own contact centre. It can allow you to readily scale up or down to suit your business requirements and offer your customers the choice of contacting you by telephone, email, fax, web chat or web call back.

Using our proprietary software WDI will supply all the required technical support and access via the internet or private data network. Your capital investment would be minimal and, in most cases, additional on-site equipment will not be required.

Service delivery is extremely flexible:

  • Staff can be employed by you or by us;
  • Staff can be managed or trained by you or us;
  • The equipment can be owned by you or us; and
  • We can access and use your systems and software as well as our own messaging systems.

Our feature rich solution is designed to make life easy. Clients using our services in such a way include Telco’s, serviced office suppliers, franchisees, and facility management support companies.

Dedicated Specialists

WDI has established the technology to allow companies to utilise specialists anywhere in the world to support clients. These specialists may work at the clients premises, their own workplaces, from home or at one of our centres.

For example, we could:

  • Screen callers and conference calls associated with human pharmaceutical industry trials to remote experts;
  • Provide support for specialised equipment, software, or financial transactions;
  • Assist your customers via live chat, respond to website enquiries, and both inbound and outbound calls as appropriate.

We can oversee the work of your dedicated staff or employ dedicated supervisors on your behalf, depending on the work volumes and your needs.

The WDI Specialist support solution is extremely cost-effective that gives our clients choices in the way the structure their business to maximise flexibility and cost savings. Language support is available as is answering location for larger clients