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The Well Done International Customer Management Application (CMA) is a fully integrated customer service knowledge base, reporting, financial and telephone management system.

Using this web-based, scalable communications platform we can provide flexible service delivery both in Australia and internationally.

  • Fast reactions – we work with you to refine the call handling to respond to changing situations and issues as they arise and have staff on call to respond to events;
  • Global Capacity – we can host other contract contact centres and external call centres on our networks around the world;
  • Call centres – we can create specialist call centres to handle your service, or implement a call centre solution for your within your premises;
  • Flexible – mostly our contract contact centres operate without long term commitments. Beyond basic service provision we offer additional elements to your service on a selection basis so that you just pay for the services that you need;
  • Custom systems – we can develop web-based database applications that integrate with our messaging systems to eliminate duplicated effort and save on costs.


Our web based CMA functionality offers secure access, advanced and automated messaging, quick to connect links to client websites; spelling, address, email address and credit card number verification; automatic capture of caller ID and outbound numbers and encryption of selected message data. Call recording is also available.

Screen maintenance, notices to operators, alerts and reminders can be completed by our Client Services and Operations Support team. Team Leaders and operators can also assist after hours. Clients can also access their screens for general and roster maintenance or self-service reporting via their Client Portal at any time.

Skills based call routing ensures that operators receive only calls that they have been trained to handle.

For some applications home workers can be set-up, using our mobile call centre laptops anywhere where high speed internet is available. We have arrangements with a number of organisations to provide space in case of a wide area phone or services failure.

Specialist Support

It has been our experience that the better the communication between our clients and our staff, the better we can perform. Our security is strict, but clients are always welcome to visit the centres that take their calls by appointment. Clients can also book in to give presentations to operators in person or remotely by Skype during scheduled formal training sessions.

The services described in our web pages represent a portion of the services our contract Contact Centres offer. Our aim is to be an extension of your business - part of your team - so we often tailor solutions to suit the circumstances. Though clients may need us to just take messages, and pass on information the majority of our work is specialist support in a wide range of industries. In many cases this requires our staff to use specialised software, unusual procedures or to have unique knowledge. Examples of our specialised services offered through our various contact centres include our:

  • Medical Control Room;
  • Staff Safety Monitoring Centre;
  • Emergency Alerts Centre (equipment failure, pirate attacks, bushfire alarms, SES callouts and many more);
  • Facility Management Help Desk;
  • Technical support Help desk mainly for computers;
  • Dedicated Council Response Centre;
  • Emergency information centre;
  • Diary Centre of Excellence, Melbourne;
  • Customer Service Centre, Manila
  • In addition we service the Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Building and Finance industries as well as supporting companies developing infrastructure.

It only takes a few minutes on the phone to ascertain how we may be able to assist you, so please call us.

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