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Campaign Support

Beyond simple reception, we can provide a tailored service to support your campaigns, whether these aim to achieve influence or provoke a response from a target group, or generate sales results.

This can help you handle a high volume of calls without taking on staff to do this, or unduly disrupting your normal work. There are also ways that we can track your results from separate campaigns running concurrently.

Depending on what you might find helpful, we could:

  • Take the caller’s name and number for a call back;
  • Ask key questions and log a more detailed sales enquiry for further action by your team either in our message field or direct to your website enquiry form;
  • Answer FAQs and make a booking or refer callers to their nearest branch or stockist;
  • Give callers the option of using an IVR to leave their details or speak to an operator;
  • Follow multiple call handling protocols that varied according to who the caller is, what is required, or whether the call is received in business hours or after hours.

With some IT development of an integrated database application, we could also:

  • Enter mass enquiries to capture caller demographic data;
  • Classify calls by issue or interest;
  • Record survey responses;
  • Lookup availability and log a booking; and
  • Capture data in a common format that could be uploaded to your CRM;

We could also enter data direct into your web-based multi-user CRM for further action.

Service Provision

The service level that your campaign support would require depends on the work that we undertake for you.

For example –

  • If we simply take the caller’s name, number, and a message, we could do this on a Value Message Service;
  • If we are giving out simple information, or we need to triage your calls and conference some calls through to your staff, you would need a Live Call Answering Service;
  • We could answer FAQs and refer callers (or conference the call to) their nearest stockist nationwide on a Switchboard Service;
  • If some calls could require logging credit card payments and orders, an Order Taking Service would be needed;
  • If we provided Level 1 Customer Service support for your product, conducted a caller survey, or logged data direct into your CRM as part of the call handling, this would be classed as a Webassist Service.

Typical uses:

Sales campaigns

Radio and TV advertising

  • We can take a message for volume enquiries coming in around the clock, or in high volumes over short periods during daytime television programs;
  • Mass IVR assistance is available: we can give the caller the option to press 1 to speak to an operator or press 2 to record their details for a call back in case your lines are briefly deluged;
  • We can take the caller’s email address and automatically send them PDF brochures as our operators log the call;
  • We can also answer FAQs and log the full order and credit card payment.

Print, web and other advertising

  • These campaigns can be similar to broadcast campaigns, but can operate over a longer time frame; magazine responses, in particular, may come in many months from the initial advertisement;
  • These enquiries may be more detailed than TV or radio ads provoking a fast response. We can add links to more detailed information on our system or on your website to answer questions, or refer callers to your staff as convenient;
  • We can support your website with live chat or answer routine website enquiries by email.

Issue and industry campaigns

We can support your campaigns targeting influential people or groups, or conducted on a large scale via public relations campaigns or mass media.


  • Reception support for your cause or campaign

Telephone and SMS polls

  • We can set up an integrated IVR database application to register YES and NO votes on a topic advertised on television. This could be configured to operate automatically, without operator intervention.

Targeted surveys

  • Telephone support for print and online surveys of shareholder or stakeholder groups on a topic;
  • We can also log survey responses to your website or database application on our system.

Event and incident Support

We can offer specialised reception support using voice, email, SMS, online or live chat for your service.


  • Rapid deployment of telephone support to assist with call volumes arising from an incident or disaster

Product Recalls

  • We can handle the enquiries, answer FAQs and advise consumers and stockists what they need to do.

Bookings and event support

  • RSVP desk for conferences or product launches
  • Reception and event information support to people attending;
  • Event messaging and coordination support for event organizers, exhibitors and keynote speakers.

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