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The Well Done Reception and appointment booking service uses a Web Calendar application to record and manage appointment and bookings. Secure Access is provided to clients via their web browser and it is all you need to view, edit, and manage your client bookings. Well Done Secure Web Calendars are primarily used for:

  • Making and managing appointments;
  • Scheduling meetings, vacations, or any kind of events;
  • Keeping track of employee availability;
  • Room or equipment reservations.

If you wish to discuss the Calendar system or get a quotation for our services, click here.

Calendars are interactive and allow our customers and our receptions and other call centre staff to stay in sync with appointment and bookings. The calendars are easy to use and can be tailored to suit each clients need. The calendars can be setup to allow clients to provisionally book appointments over the internet. Details of what the calendars capabilities can be seen here.

If you have trouble logging into the demo calendar, instructions to allow your browser to log in are available at look at Cookie Handling. See also our Web Calendar User Tour which explains how the calendar works.

Try out our general demonstration calendar, use the login details below:

Username: welldonetest
Password: welldone

Login to Calendar