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Appointment Taking

You're in a consultation and the phone rings. You have several options; ignore the call and hope they will ring back; excuse yourself from your current appointment and rush to the call; let the answering machine get it; hire a full time receptionist, or....employ a 24 x 7 contact centre that can take, manage and organise your daily appointments whilst you get on with running your business.

The real advantage of using an external centre is that whilst your business may operate 8 to 6 every day, we operate 24 hours a day so even when your doors are closed our contact centre staff are still taking enquiries and appointments.

How It Works

We answer your calls from a number re-directed to one of our 10 x 5 or 24 x 7 live answering contact centres.

This service is suitable for a range of practitioners and service providers, including:

  • Alternative health practitioners working with mind, body and spirit;
  • Professionals in law, accounting and consulting;
  • Scheduling meetings, vacations or any kind of event;
  • Day spas, room or equipment reservations;
  • Tracking employee availability;
  • After hours emergency appointments for medical or dental practices.

Web Calendar Bookings

Well Done supports two excellent web calendar booking platforms; the stand alone web calendar that appears as the Demo Calendar on this website, and the eAlth integrated full practice management system. For more information, please speak with our sales staff about the support that will best suit your situation.

Web calendar bookings work well for a range of service industries. The way that it works is that we can both book into the one calendar.

While we will send you a message every time that we make or change a booking, you would need to have access to a PC at work to view the latest information or make bookings yourself.

If you are normally available for a given time, but decide not to work, you can just book yourself out for those times. Where your customer provides a mobile contact number, an SMS reminder can be automatically sent 24 hours’ prior to their appointment.

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Well Done Web Calendar

The Well Done Web Calendar is easy to use for a range of service appointments.

For more detail about how the web calendar works or to try out the demo web calendar, click here.

eAlth Web Calendar

Well Done is the preferred Contact Centre support partner for the eAlth practice management system. Operators are trained in its use at all our contact centres.

We do not supply this software and earn no commissions or fees on its use. Rather, we support the eAlth web calendar because we have found it to be the best multi-user and multi-clinic capable practice software of its kind.

The eAlth practice management software is particularly geared to the requirements of osteopaths, but is readily usable for counsellors and psychologists, naturopaths and acupuncturists and a range of health modalities.

Benefits of the eAlth web calendar include:

  • A powerful patient contact database that will autosuggest existing names which saves time when bookings are made;
  • We can add patient notes when we make the booking yet not see your patient’s confidential health records;
  • One central calendar offering easy filtered views for multiple practitioners, locations, date or week;
  • Web based, multi-user software.

Users also have access to a comprehensive practice management system that includes the following useful features:

  • Your booking types will be the (editable) default for your receipts and invoices; the system also links to popular accounting software;
  • Patient database functionality for mailmerge, email, post or SMS;
  • The option to send new clients a link to complete a survey prior to their appointment;
  • Referral tracking and automatic reminders.

For more information, please contact eAlth or download their brochure here.

Other web calendar options

We restrict the number of web calendar systems that we support so that our operators have the call volume to develop speed and proficiency with your bookings. Where you have a simple website based booking system that is straightforward enough for a first time user to your site to handle, we can handle this system on a WebAssist Service.

We will also consider other CRM or web calendar systems if they are web based and multi-user, and sufficient call volumes could be expected to justify and support ongoing operator training in this system. A training charge for use of other CRM systems would apply.