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After Hours and Overflow

For many councils, effective customer service STOPS when the doors close at 5pm and starts again at 9am on weekdays.

Residents and ratepayers used to 24 hour web supported service now expect so much more in the area of local government customer service. For these people having calls handled by an answering machine, an overseas provider or ringing out unanswered is simply not acceptable.

Nor is it necessarily a matter of spending more. Responsive after hours support can deliver real productivity gains that will reduce costs within your organisation.

For example –

  • We can filter your calls so rangers only need to respond to real emergencies, as defined by you;
  • We log every call, so that you can track and analyse both response times within your organisation and the issues that callers are raising with us;
  • Part of our job is to educate your callers about Council responsibilities and processes, just like your own Customer Service staff; and importantly,
  • Having an after hours service in place is a sensible part of every Council’s disaster recovery and business continuance plans.

You can start off with a basic service or even holiday coverage and build from there. Where Council systems are more sophisticated, we can log service enquiries to their CRM and support a range of value added services.

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