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Trades Support Services

Escalation support for our trades clients differs inasmuch as there is often a sales focus to the call handling when we are fielding calls from the general public.

Emergency call out may be only one of a range of protocols for the service. For example, we may be instructed to determine whether:

We may need to capture standard sales enquiry data or advise the caller of call out fees and indicative costs or even take a credit card deposit before escalating the call. Where it is not a defined emergency, or the caller elects to avoid a call out fee, we may make a tentative booking after hours for confirmation in the morning or raise tickets in a job allocation system.

Growing your business

Most small trades businesses rely on their mobile phone to run their business. This gives you total control, but it is a limiting factor – you will miss calls, and the constant interruption may be unproductive.

If you employ additional trades people, you can share the burden of being on call by using a rotating duty roster. Our call logs will also provide you with an independent system time and date stamped record of all after hours enquiries, complete with notes on the work required and who took the job to help you manage your team.

Your escalation service can also be used as a back-up during business hours. The procedures can be different to those we follow after hours – there is no extra cost to set this up for you on the same service.