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Whether you have a startup business and work alone, you want to leverage your efforts to take an established business to the next level, or you work in a large corporate environment, we can help.


Our Customer Management Application (CMA) is proprietary web based and scalable technology developed to handle the needs of our most complex clients. The capability of this common communications platform is available to all our clients, large or small.

The CMA is subject to ongoing development at Well Done to increase call handling productivity and keep abreast of emergent communications channels and technologies.

Our IT team can also produce custom database applications that integrate with our CMA, Fonality (telephony) and Asterix (IVR) systems to add value to your service, speed your call handling or eliminate duplicated effort between our staffs.

Examples of custom applications developed and in use at Well Done include -

  • Complete job allocation systems;
  • Mass evacuation systems for corporate OH&S compliance;
  • Volume data entry for bookings or survey data capture;
  • We also provide value added solutions for clients in a range of industries.


We are attuned to the needs of Australian business and government. We take a team based approach to the problems that you bring to us, and our salespeople will consult with client services, operations and IT staff to arrive at workable solutions for you.

From simple message taking through to emergency response – we work with you at Well Done!

Small Business

Many small businesses recognise the wisdom in outsourcing after hours calls and putting off taking on additional staff by diverting overflow calls to a contact centre.

Where Well Done can make a real difference is the depth of service routinely available even on a simple Live Call Answering Service, and the ability to offer more service support as your business grows. We don’t lock you into ongoing contracts and there is no penalty if you switch between services.

What might it be worth to you if you could ask us to add value to your service, not simply take a message?

For example, we can –

  • Help you handle volume enquiries arising from marketing campaigns;
  • Get useful sales enquiry information that will help you get back to the caller (best time to call, best contact number, email address) or monitor your marketing efforts (where did you hear about the service?);
  • Log an order, make a booking;
  • Direct the call to the right person, and use discretion for urgency or importance when following your protocols;
  • Provide back office support by undertaking customer service follow up calls, handling routine website enquiries, or making accounts payable calls;
  • Answer FAQs and generally give the impression that your business is bigger than it really is!

We have developed considerable expertise working with a wide range of businesses over many years. We would be pleased to consult with you and offer honest and sensible advice.

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Medium Business

Medium scale enterprises can benefit from the same support as our small business clients, but as your processes and marketing become more sophisticated, you may be looking for more complex support.

We act as the after hours contact centre for many national businesses. Common functions undertaken include:

  • Sales and customer service support 24x7 for your website;
  • Triage requests for emergency service and escalate to your staff or contractors on call;;
  • Handle all or part of a job allocation system;
  • Overflow support when all your lines are busy, your systems are down, or you need to hold a staff meeting;
  • Track and handle enquiries from different marketing campaigns;
  • Switchboard and lookup support to direct the caller to the right individual, branch, department or franchise.

We can handle your service set up in a variety of ways, depending on what you find useful. Operators can use links on your screens on our systems to look up information to handle your calls; this speeds the call handling and allows a more natural conversational flow with your callers.

Our Customer Management Application (CMA) can also host links to custom database applications developed for your service, your website or web-based CRM. Value added services make a lot of sense for high volume services both to reduce your call times and costs, and to eliminate duplicated effort. We would be pleased to discuss your options.

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Larger Enterprises

Larger corporations and government bodies will usually have their own contact centres, but may come to us for after hours, overflow or specialist support. We support both entire enterprises and particular divisions.

For example –

  • Infolines, industry emergency lines;
  • Sales and marketing campaign support;
  • Events bookings (shareholder meetings RSVP, product launches);
  • Job allocation and ticketing systems;
  • Triage emergency call outs to staff or contractors on call (facilities maintenance, industrial or IT systems etc);
  • OH&S compliance and staff welfare systems;
  • Asset, journey or shift monitoring;
  • Activation of incident response teams;
  • Business disaster recovery support.

Well Done has particular expertise in a number of industries such as facilities management, medical services, water quality and parking meter monitoring, and Council support.

We can also offer more complex Help Desk services using your CRM with trained, dedicated staff or conduct back office outbound project work such as database cleansing, market research and customer service follow up.

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