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Service Offerings

At Well Done you can have complex call handling protocols in place to suit the way that your business works without the hassle of recruiting, training and managing your own dedicated staff. We can answer your calls live all the time, or at your convenience. Everything from simple message taking through to Emergency support is handled on the one powerful, proprietary system.

Service Levels and Training at Well Done

The following service levels are supported at Well Done. These reflect the level of training required for operators answering your calls live on our skills-based queues. Operators only answer calls that they are trained to take; they receive both general training for the service level and training in your specific service as required.

Level 1

Value Message Service

Live Call Answering

Level 2

Calendar and Appointment Taking Service

Level 3

WebAssist and Order Taking Service

Escalation and Call Out Support Service

Level 4

Outbound Services

Level 5

Emergency Management Support

Staff Welfare and Business Disaster Recovery Systems

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Reception Services

Value Message Service

  • Simple message taking for a business or a person.

Live Call Answering

  • Sales enquiry capture, answering FAQs, switchboard to individuals, branches, departments or franchises, and general reception support (overflow, after hours, during meetings), campaign support, infoline
  • Routine website enquiry response


  • Reception support for larger companies with 20+ nominated staff, or numerous branches, departments or franchises

Booking Services

  • Web calendar bookings for service providers (e.g. consultants, health practitioners, sales people);
  • Event support (e.g. RSVP desk for product launches)
  • Web based venue ticketing solutions.

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Customer Service

Order Taking

  • Log orders and credit card payments.


  • Pick and pack of small items (e.g. gift vouchers, surveys, catalogues, some products).


  • Simple value added services on your website or CRM (e.g. log job allocations, surveys).

Help Desk

  • Dedicated staff, trained in your system.

Back Office Outbound

  • Follow up calls to your existing clients or sales enquiries; database cleansing and market research projects; website email response or quoting; debtor follow up

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Escalation Services

FM, technical & trades escalation and staff call out support

  • Triage emergency calls and escalate to staff or contractors on call as per your instructions.

Crisis Management

  • Activate incident response teams.

Staff Welfare Monitoring

  • Custom database applications for mass evacuations monitoring and reporting through to staff welfare monitoring and shift, asset and journey monitoring systems.

Business Disaster Recovery

  • Simple back up arrangements for your reception in event of disaster through to complete company or division-wide alternative communications platform in event of disaster

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Hosted Solutions

Help Desk

  • Dedicated staff trained to deliver detailed technical and product support

Wholesale Solutions

  • After hours supplementary support to other contact centres
  • Use our proprietary software to handle your calls on our system (businesses or specialist contact centre partners)
  • Soft phone technology on our system to allow our staff to link up callers to your experts working remotely.

Call Centre Technology

  • VOIP telephony to manage your calls, with external contact centre backup at Well Done

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