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Emergency Management Support

Well Done provides operational support to SES and RFS units. Although a background understanding of how emergency services work is integral to this kind of support service, where these services involve escalation to a roster of on call staff these can be set up as general escalation support services for billing purposes.

Emergency Management Support Services differ from general escalation support services in the complexity of the role of the Contact Centre support partner.

These services are usually set up to respond to particular disaster scenarios for large scale organisations such as resources multi-nationals. Normally provision is made for regular test drills to uncover gaps in coverage or adherence to procedure and also to reinforce training for all participants outside of generally infrequent live activations.

These services may involve additional complexity and flexibility such as:

Disaster Recovery Planning

Well Done offers flexible support. We encourage all our clients to discuss how we may play a part in the disaster recovery plans of your enterprise.